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Sound Design
Shapes the overall sound of a film/media project and studies the script to produce the
most authentic results

Sound Effects Editing
Creates the soundtrack by cutting and synchronizing sounds to the picture to achieve the Director’s ambition

Background Editing
Capture the mood of the scene through the use of the appropriate background noises by blending various sound elements to achieve just the right ambience to enhance the audience’s film-going experience

Dialogue and ADR Editing
Assemble, synchronize, and edit all the dialogue in a film or media production

Foley Editing
Cut and edit foley very tight to match picture sync perfectly

Music Editing
Help directors to achieve their musical ambitions on films and provide an important link between the film and the composer

Audio Restoration
Biohazard audio cleanup for digital audio

Create original music by developing notes into songs, and musical accompaniments to other visual medias to accommodate the Directors visions

Foley Recording
Create audio effects for film and other visual media by using physical props

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Sound Effects Recording
Produces high quality, professional high definition custom sound effects for film, video, broadcast, video games and multimedia. All sound effects are recorded with high fidelity.

Boom Mic Operator
Controlling the long boom arm, maneuvering it as close to the action as possible in order to achieve the best quality sound recording

Location Mixer
Responsible for the challenging job of ensuring that dialogue recorded during filming is suitably clear

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